HT Series

Our HT servo motors are three-phase brushless synchronous motors, which can be used both as servo and torque motors. High energy NdFeB magnet  material and a high pole count allow for a high torque density for the given size. The HT motors are available as frameless motors (stator and rotor kit) and housed versions; hall-effect sensors are standard.

The key characteristics of the motors are as follows:

  • High dynamic response due to high pole count (6 to 12, model-dependent)
  • Frameless and housed version
  • 11 sizes with various stack length each
  • Continuous torque from 0.007 to 46.9Nm
  • Windings for 12 to 400Vdc; optimised design for your application for optimum performance
  • Hall sensors as standard
  • Electrical connection by flying leads
  • Optional thermal protection by PTC, thermal switch 145┬░C, KTY or NTC
  • Mechanical modification possible, e.g. ID, OD
  • Custom versions