Our stepper motors are high torque versions of hybrid type steppers with axial rare earth magnets. In most cases they are 2 phases and 50 pole pairs, so 200 fullsteps per revolution. Microstepping of modern controllers allows normally 256 microsteps per fullstep, so that the overall resolution is 51,200 steps per revolution.

Stepper motors are still used in many applications for various reasons, e.g. like cost, holding moment at the end of a move (no control activity) or high torque density at low speed.

Modern control technology also allows for much better smoothness and the fear from loosing steps has gone due to the capability of the modern controllers to read feedback devices like encoders. Today we have even moved from position correction to real servo mode with stepper motors, which makes it a very attractive package for low speed high torque applications.

We also offer flexible Stepper controllers in various versions. See our Stepnet family.
Our standard stepper motors are 2-phase 1,8° hybrid stepper motors. The customer can select the optimal stepper motor for the application out of a great variety of stepper motor models with different dimensions and operating torque characteristics.

Wir bieten auch flexible Schrittmotorcontroller in verschiedenen Ausführungen an. Siehe Stepnet.

Unsere Schrittmotoren vom Hersteller STÖGRA sind sind 2-Phasen 1,8° Hybrid Schrittmotoren. Aus einer Vielzahl von Schrittmotoren in unterschiedlichen Bau- und Leistungsgrößen kann der Kunde den für seine Anwendung optimalen Schrittmotor auswählen.

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  • 1,8° step angle (at full step operation) 
  • Connecton box (IP55) or leads connection (IP41)
  • Metric or inch dimensions
  • Isolating class F
  • High-voltage tested according to DIN VDE 0530
  • CE-compliant


Overview of available families

Series SM 56    
Outer diameter: 56,5mm
Holding torque: 0,6 bis 1,8Nm

Series SM 87/SM 88     
Outer diameter: 86mm
Holding torque: 2 bis 12Nm

Series SM 107     
Outer diameter: 108mm
Holding torque: 4 bis 16Nm

Series SM 168
Outer diameter: 168mm
Holding torque: 19 bis 38Nm

Stepper motors with a hollow shaft
The families SM 88 und SM 107 are also available with a hollow shaft.

Customised versions
We also offer customised stepper motors for operation under extreme conditions, e.g.  vacuum hardening, protection class IP68 (under water), extended operating temperature. Please send us an inquiry with a brief specification.

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