MACCON offers a wide range of drive electronics products to control and drive electric motors. These motor controllers and power stages allow the implementation of many standard or unusual applications. 

However it is very common that the customer requires products from us, which are not otherwise available from the marketplace. Typically we are asked for special characteristics, such as:

  • Dimensions
  • Improved performance
  • Supply conditions
  • Special environmental conformance
  • Mechanical and electrical interfaces
  • Integration of several components in a new configuration or product,
    see: Embedded Motion
  • Additional functionality
  • Higher reliability or redundancy

For this reason, we offer bespoke drive electronics for such cases. Bespoke drive electronics are also referred to as customer-specific or project-specific drive electronics.

Decision-making process for the development of custom drive electronics

In this paragraph we show a typical decision-making process for the development of custom drive electronics. A short glossary is given in advance:

SWM: A servodrive catalog product from MACCON. A certain amount of customisation is possible.

See link to the product page of SWM.

MACinverter: A modular system for building custom drive electronics, consisting of predefined modules.

See link to the MACinverter product page.

Hardware design services

  • Analog: Precision Sensing and Motion Control
  • Power Electronics: Customized Power Stage Topologies, MOSFET, IGBT, Wide Bandgap
  • Digital: DSP, Microprocessor and FPGA, Communication Protocols
  • Layout and PCB Design for Inhouse Schematic Designs
  • Thermal Design, Cooling Systems
  • Space Rated Electronics
  • System Engineering and Integration
  • Design Study, Prototype, Verification, Product

Algorithm Design

  • System Simulation and Optimization of complex mechatronic Systems
  • Customized MATLAB/Simulink Control-Loop Design
  • Development and Simulation of Advanced Control Techniques
  • Routines for Self-Parameterization and Self-Optimization of Control-Loops in e.g Dynamics and Efficiency of Drive Systems

Software Design

  • Hardware platforms we use: DSP, Microprocessor and FPGA
  • Efficient automated Toolchain from MATLAB/Simulink to produce executable HDL-Code for the Target System
  • Embedded Software

Documentation, Manufacturing and Test

  • Complete Design Documentation (Schematic, PCB Manufacturing Data, BOM, Source Code...)
  • Integration of Prototypes Inhouse, Manufacturing at external EMS Service Partners
  • Design Verification and Documentation of Test Results
  • In-house special Thermal and Vacuum Tests for Space Projects, Documentation

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Target markets for customised power and control electronics for servodrives

Typically we offer our bespoke drive electronics to customers from the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Defense
  • Machine builders
  • Science and astronomy

In the following sections, we go into more detail about which types of services we offer.