Motion control solutions of course need some kind of motor and control electronics - but this is not the complete solution.

Additionally to cables, software tools and HMIs sometimes performance requirements or the compliance to regulations ask for further components like filters or transformers etc.

To make the step to a complete system easier for you we therefore also supply some well known and tested accessories:

  • Capacitor Module KCM: KCM capcitor modules absorb kinetic energy generated by the Motor and help to improve the fficiency of your machine
  • Transformers and power supplies: as well for isolation as of course for adjusting the voltage level to the application requirements; also versions with rectifier and regeneration circuits available
  • Filters: for compliance to European EMC regulations mains input filters are required in many applications - if they are not integral part of the amplifier they must be connected as a separate component
  • Motor-chokes: filtering of the motor currents can improve the smoothness of the motors and the EMC behaviour in critical applications
  • Regen resistors: to shunt some regeneration energy into an external resistor to avoid over voltage to protect the electronics
  • Motor and feedback cables: in case we don't have access to a standard cable we make a custom cable for you
  • Sensors and switches: reference and limit switches, etc.
  • CAN-converters: the communication platform from PC to the controller - whether as PCI-board or as USB-to-CAN-converter

HMI still in preparation!

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