The ViX drive is new design of a compact servo drive for brushless servos and steppers in the area of low power <500W:

  • fully digital: highest flexibility, very good current control and bandwidth
  • field oriented control: better current ramp up, better dynamic response, higher efficiency, lower waveform distortion
  • high peak current capability: 3x nominal current
  • encoder feedback
  • optional internal indexer: minimal effort for complex motion programs, extremely compact and fast code, self documenting
  • powerful software interface (EASY-V): guided setup, motor database with all PARKER-motors and free space for customer motors
  • auto correction for motor and feedback connections: no need to exchange wrong connections (very interesting feature for foreign motors)

The ViX is fed with DC voltage: 24 – 80Vdc for the power and 24Vdc for logic (keep alive in case of power failure).
The optional indexer offers serial communication via RS232C; either RS485 or CANbus (CANopen) interface is available as an option.The ViX Servocontroller supports sequential and event triggered modes. Motion sequences can be stored locally and operated on request.
There is also a servo version of the ViX amplifier!

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