GPL planetary gearboxes

The GPL planetary gearboxes are the right choice for series type applications requiring small precision gearboxes. Due to their compact, userfriendly, maintenance-free and cost-effective design, GPL gearboxes are suited for use in medical and laboratory equipment, robotics, aircrafts and machines. Custom versions are available on request. 

  • 11 sizes with various gear ratios
  • output torque from 0.1 to 350Nm
  • easy to install 
  • low backlash and enhanced torque versions
  • low noise
  • custom versions 

Universal motor installation

The GPL precision gearboxes leave the factory individually tested, filled with the right amount of lubricant, and prepared for mounting on the motor specified in the order. They can be put into operation immediately after being mounted.

The standard mounting position is horizontal. In the case of vertical mounting, steps may have to be taken to make sure the upper parts of the gearbox receive proper lubrication. In this case, please enquire. The centring and attachment surfaces must be free of grease, undamaged, and positioned precisely in relation to the shafts of the overall system. Any offset between housing and shaft would apply excessive loading at gears and bearings. Shocks or blows should be avoided when mounting couplings etc., on the gearbox shaft, because they could result in bearing damage.

Motor mounting in three simple steps:

  • fasten motor pinion
  • screw mounting plate in place
  • put on gear unit and screw it together

Mounting instructions are provided with every gearbox. The concentricity and run-out tolerances of the motors are defined by DIN 42955-R.

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