Our MSR-Family of ruggedised servomotors is a specially hardened MS family of servomotors, which can be seen here. The MSR motors were developed with designers of military equipment in mind, who are faced with severe environmental conditions. The MSR motors have hardened and protected rotors and stators, high ingress protection and a wide operating temperature range.

Overview of key features of the MSR family

  • Ingress protection category IP67: Protected against fine dust and water ingress
  • Operating temperature (ambient): -40° to 125°C
  • Bearings: Special wide-temperature range grease; Viton seals
  • Sealing: Viton seals
  • Stator: Fully encapsulated (best thermal and protection levels)
  • Rotor Magnets: Encapsulated and fully protected
  • Mounting bolts: VA stainless steel
  • Earth connection (PE): Screw bolt for earthing and bonding
  • Electromagnetic screening: EMC-sealed; Contact resistances <10mOhm
  • Drainage: Goretex protective vent (breathing valve)

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