MACCON sells and supports the following CAE software packages for the design and analysis of electric motors, as well as magnetic and dynamic systems:

  • Simcenter™ SPEED™: Analytical design of electric motors
  • Simcenter™ Motorsolve™: Design and analysis software for permanent magnet, asynchronous, synchronous, electric and brushed machines
  • Simcenter™ MAGNET™: Finite element software for electromagnetic simulation, both in 2D and 3D

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We also use these tools ourselves, to design customer-specific products such as:

  • Servo motors
  • Torque motors (internal and external rotor versions)
  • Generators
  • High-speed motors and generators
  • Linear motors and generators
  • Voice Coils
  • Electromagnets e.g. linear and rotary solenoids

We regularly hold Seminars for each particular CAE software package.