Electric cylinders (ballscrew)

The classical solutions for linear motion applications in industrial applications are linear actuators and tables where the rotary motion of a motor is translated into linear motion by means of a leadsrew or timing belt. With this concept it is possible to create linear tables and linear axis in a great variety so that it is possible to match the requirements of a lot of applications regarding force, dynamic response, accuracy, etc. Based on leadscrew technology also linear actuators, where the leadscrew is the moving rod, are possible. These actuators today are often used as replacement for pneumatic cylinders. In this area we offer electric cylinders (ballscrew) of the family "Mech Line Plus":

  • Continuous force up to 120kN
  • Strokes from 50 to 1.500mm
  • integrated anti-rotation

For further details, please consult the datasheet (download beside PDF symbol).


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