Joysticks include multi axis "displacement" joysticks, "force sensitive" or "stiff stick" joysticks and miniature switch joysticks and subminiature force sensitive thumb knobs which all can be equipped with various analog and digital interfaces:

  • switches
  • potentiometers
  • PS2 interfaces
  • RS232 interfaces, MS mouse compatible
  • RS422
  • CANbus

"Displacement" joysticks can be moved in up to three main axis. On customer request they can be equipped with additional functionality. The switches and knobs are operated by single finger or one or two hands.

"Force sensitive" or "stiff stick" joysticks are attached to a fixed metal post. They work basically as holding device, the root function is provided by switches or sub miniature force sensitive joysticks.

"Force sensitive" or "stiff stick" joysticks are used in systems, in which the movement of the the system itself does not allow for the usage of a "displacment" joystick. They are operated mainly by thumb. Up to two axis can be controlled, but an additional switching function as so called "press-to-switch" function is possible.

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"Trackballs" are particularly suitable for precisely positioning a cursor on a display screen and replace a computer mouse.

Daco trackballs in particular have the added benefits of being extremely robust whilst providing an exceptionally smooth, free, linear action in compact package. They are available in diameters of 38mm, 50mm and 76mm and all common electrical interfaces are available. Both industrial and Hi-Rel applications requiring highest precision in difficult environmental conditions are possible.

A switch function ("press-to-switch") can be realised underneath the ball by using a micro switch.