With the AKM™ washdown, Kollmorgen presents a food-grade version of its highly flexible AKM servomotor series – the global market leader in many industries.  This servomotor solution for processing and packing foods and pharmaceuticals clearly provides more robust benefits for both handling and maintenance than comparable products.  At the same time, it provides considerably better performance and is three times as durable.  Thanks to its innovative coating and clever design, it helps to maintain the highest standards of hygiene during cleaning.  All in all, the AKM washdown makes it possible to develop machines which are particularly compact, light, high-performance and well priced and thus provides considerable competitive advantages.

The AKM washdown servomotors are based on the standard AKM motors sizes 2 to 6 and have related performance data, including static torques from 1 to 25 Nm and supply voltages from 75 to 480 V. The hygienic models comply with the international standards UL and CE.  Certification with USDA and FDA standards are in currently in process.

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The new AKM washdown introductionrepresents a credible alternative over special solutions which include a high proportion of stainless steel and over the standard solutions which are typically equipped with additional enclosures.  Compared to corresponding, conventional standard motors with the same output, AKM servomotors are 30% to 50% more compact and 10% to 30% lighter, while their commissioning and maintenance costs are also around 20% lower.  Furthermore, by comparison with servomotors containing a large proportion of stainless steel, the weight advantage is even greater and the material costs are about 30% lower. 

Besides the cost savings, the AKM washdown also leads when cleaning.  The protective coating consisting of two components is certified by the renowned EcoLab laboratory.  The surface coating along with compliance to protection class IP 67 permit "wet cleaning" using all commercially available cleansing agents in the range from pH2 to pH12.  Cleaning and germicide are further simplified through the omission of an enclosure with hollow sections, as well as by having rounded corners and edges.  Thus, liquids can run off unimpeded and no pockets of contamination can become established.

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