Resolvers are the classical feedback systems for harsh environments and are very robust also against mechanical impact. 

Resolvers achieve an accuracy in the area of +/-10’. Although the repeatability can be better by a factor of 10, the required accuracy in critical environmental conditions can be much higher. For theses applications our Inductosyn or Electrical Encoders are the better choice.

In the table o the right side you can find our most commonly used resolver types (some of those are ex stock items).

Our resolvers are suitable for the operation in the frequency range of 5 to 10kHz. They have brushless transformers and therefore they are able to measure a unlimited number of revolutions; the transmission ration is normally at 50%.

If not explicitly mentioned our resolvers are 2 pole transmitter types (excitation over reference input). They measure the absolute angular position within one revolution. The conversion to a ditial position information is done in the motion controller via an according resolver/digital converter (R/D-converter).

Resolver-Converters (R/D-converters)

For an indepenent reading of the resolver signal we recommend the R/D converters of our partner VEGA: 

  • #2785500 R/D converter with A/B incremental encoder output
  • #2785502 R/D converters with incremental encoder plus hall output
  • #2785DIN DIN rail mounting kit
  • #2785CK1 PCB mounting kit

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Resolvers for harsh environments

Although the resolver itself is a very robust angle measurement system, standard resolvers reach their limits at some point. For such cases we offer hardened resolvers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Examples of hardened resolvers we can supply:

  • Resolvers for high radiation environments (up to 3 MGy).
  • Resolvers for cryogenic temperatures (down to 70K i.e. -200°C)
  • Resolvers for very high temperatures (up to 300°C)