In many applications the traditional analog technology proofs to be the right choice: sometimes parameter setting with PC is not available or there are some advantages in bandwidth of analog circuitry. We therefore still offer analog amplifiers both for DC-brushed motor (including voice coil actuators) and BLDC-motors.

A brand new member is the new analog servo amplifier module of Copley for plugging into PCBs -  BANTAM:

  • pluggable module in enclosed housing
  • for DC-brushed and brushless motors
  • digital hall-effects for trapezoidal commutation
  • current control
  • analog +/-10V or PWM command
  • analog current monitor output 
  • 2 versions: 20 to 55Vdc, 10A cont. or 20 to 90Vdc, 5A cont. 
  • current setting by external resistors or voltage (both in customer electronics)
  • electronic parameter setting (in the factory)
  • development kit available

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