MS series servo motors for 24 / 48 / 230 / 400 volts

Our MS synchronous servo motors are 3 phase brushless motors for demanding servo applications in industrial and automation field. The key features are as follows:

  • 3 phase, permanent magnet brushless servomotors
  • 6-pole
  • high dynamic response
  • nominal torque from 0.1 to 115Nm
  • supply voltages from 24 to 650Vdc (various winding options)
  • integrated encoder (2048 lines plus hall emulation)
    optionally with absolute encoder
    (single or multiturn; EnDat or Hiperface)
    or optionally with resolver
  • smooth shaft (optionally with keyway)
  • IP64
    (optionally IP65 / IP67 with or without shaft seal)
  • straigh connector (Intercontec, MS1 0.5m cable plus connector)
    optionally flying leads
  • thermal protection (PTC)
    optionally switch 145┬░C, KTY or NTC
  • options: brake (24Vdc), gearbox, custom winding, etc.
  • also avialable as frameless version (kit) (see datasheet)


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Vacuum-compatible variants of the servo motors

For projects in vacuum, we offer special versions of the servo motor, as follows:

  •     Servo motor with bearings filled with vacuum-compatible grease
  •     Pressure equalisation holes in the motor housing
  •     Optional planetary gearboxes also filled with vacuum grease
  •     Winding for 48Vdc voltage

Such motors are suitable for industrial applications in vacuum, but not for space. You can find our space-qualified motors here.

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