MSP servo motors

Our MSP synchronous servo motors are the new version of the former MP series; they are 3 phase brushless motors with concentrated windings for demanding servo applications in industrial and automation field. MSP motors are very compact motors and offer low cogging torque which helps for smoother operation.

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Most important properties: 

  • 3 phase, permanent magnet brushless servomotors
  • 6-pole size 2 / 10-pole for size 3 and bigger
  • high dynamic response
  • nominal torque from 0.28 to 24Nm
  • supply voltages from 120 to 650Vdc (various winding options)
  • integrated encoder (2048 lines plus hall emulation)
    optionally2-pole resolver
  • optionally with absolute encoder
    (single or multiturn; EnDat or Hiperface)
  • smooth shaft (optionally with keyway)
  • IP64
    (optionally IP65/IP67 with or without shaft seal)
  • straight connector 
    optionally  turnable connectors or flying leads
  • thermal protection (PTC)
    optionally switch 145┬░C, KTY or NTC
  • options: brake (24Vdc), gearbox, custom winding, etc.