Magnetic encoders

MACCON offers a wide range of position sensors, which all work on the principle of magnetic signal coupling between stator and rotor, either via a radial or axial air-gap. They have the benefit of being robust and available in many different shapes and sizes – mostly kit-form.
Magnetic encoders offer neither the highest accuracies (exception Inductosyn) nor the smallest dimensions possible but are often the most practical and cost-effective position feedback solution for many servo-motor applications. These devices probably represent the cheapest  solution, when absolute position measurement over 360° is required.


The proven and robust solution to angular position measurement, which is available in many frame-sizes. The resolver is totally passive but needs external excitation and signal conversion with the help of an R/D converter. Most motor controllers have the necessary excitation and conversion electronics on-board.

RE-Family: These are our standard resolver types, many RE15 and RE21 models are held in stock.


This is the classical high-resolution magnetic encoder. It employs a precision winding, which is etched on metal plates instead of being wire-wound as in the case of a resolver. It has a high number of poles. These two properties mean that this encoder type can be highly accurate. For absolute position measurement dual-track devices are available.


A new magnetic encoder technology (Incoder®), which can be used in place of a resolver, when a short axial length and a hollow-shaft geometry are required. It is highly robust but incorporates internal electronics; operation is limited to the temperature range -40° to +85°C.

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