IMA: Electric cylinder actuator with roller-screw and integrated servomotor

The IMA series from the manufacturer Tolomatic is a family of integrated electric cylinders, also known as actuators. An integrated electric cylinder contains a roller-screw, a servomotor and a rotary encoder, all within the same housing. This makes it very compact and easy to install. Our IMA series comprises three main lines:

  • IMA: Industrial-grade, for forces up to 30kN
  • IMA-WP: Like IMA, but coated in white epoxy for food-grade washdown applications
  • IMA-S: Like IMA, but made of stainless steel, for demanding IP69K applications in the food and beverage industry.

In the following sections, we go into detail about each family.

Short video about how a roller screw (planetary roller screw) works

IMA Series : industrial-grade integrated electric cylinder actuator

The IMA electric cylinder (also called actuator) is an integrated servo actuator in a compact housing. The IMA cylinder comes with ballscrew or rollerscrew technology, depending on the duty cycle and required lifetime. IMA provides peak forces up to 30kN and has been designed for a high duty cycle. IMA contains a brushless DC servomtor and a rotary encoder. Many types of feedback are available, also safety encoder are possible. Using the re-lubrication system (the grease zerk is clearly visible in the image to the right) the IMA cylinder can be re-lubricated without taking the cylinder apart.

IMA-WP hygienic cylinder with white epoxy coating for washdown applications.

The IMA-WP is the food-grade version of the IMA actuator described above. IMA-WP has  a white epoxy coating for food applications. In addition, food-grade grease is available for the integrated ballscrew or rollerscrew. Finally, the IMA-WP comes with stainless steel screws, rods and rod-ends. Like the IMA family, the IMA-WP food grade electric cylinders provide forces up to  30kN. Please download the PDF file to the right, for more detailed technical information.

IMA-S series of stainless steel cylinders for IP69K washdown applications

The IMA-S is the stainless steel version of the IMA industrial-grade cylinder. Besides the IMA-S integrated electric cylinder for forces up to 11kN, we also provide stainless steel cylinders for forces up to 35kN, utilizing an externally-mounted servomotor. All of our stainless steel electric cylinders are described at this page.