MACCON develops drive technology for the Giant Magellan Telescope – the world's most powerful optical telescope

MACCON has signed a contract with OHB Digital Connect, a subsidiary of the aerospace corporation OHB SE, and has thus been commissioned to supply the main axis drives for the "Giant Magellan Telescope" (GMT)

ISO 9001 Re-Certification 2023

MACCON receives ISO 9001:2015 re-certification.

Ultra-compact NANO servo drive for high currents in driverless transport systems (FTS, AGV) and robotics

Ultra-compact NANO series of servo drives for low voltage and high motor phase currents in drive technology.

Integrated Servo Drive for robotic arm joints

Integrated Servo Drive, designed for application in robotic arm joints. The Servo Drive is characterized by high performance and a compact design.

Electric stainless steel actuators for hygiene-sensitive areas

Engineered solution for applications in the food, beverage, medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical and cleanroom industries.

Multi-turn Encoder VLM-60

Multi-turn capacitive Encoder for harsh environment launched

For applications that require smooth, precise and continuous production with limited space.

LSO series outrunner torque motor

Cogging-free outrunner torque motors

For applications requiring high speed consistency without torque ripple and high precision.

Changes at MACCON

Merger of the group companies.

Miniature tubular motor with integrated drive electronics

Miniaturized linear motors with integrated, high-performance drive electronics.

Pancake motor for laboratory automation launched

For applications with compact high-performance centrifuges in laboratory automation.

Rotolinear drive launched

For applications that require linear and rotary motion simultaneously.

In-Wheel Motors for intralogistics launched

For applications in Automated Guided Vehicles, industrial robots and intralogistics.

ISO 9001 Re-Certification

MACCON receives ISO 9001:2015 re-certification.

Zero cogging Miniature-Torquemotors of the LSI-25-Series

Zero cogging Miniature-Torquemotors

MACCON launches zero cogging Miniature-Torquemotors

Miniature linear slides launched

MACCON launches miniature linear slides for compact spaces.

MACCON receives innovation award

MACCON gets a seal of approval for their R&D activities.

Smallest absoute capacitive encoder wordwide: Netzer DS-16 (only 16mm OD)

Smallest absolute encoder

Worldwide smallest absolute encoder with only 16mm outside diameter.