STEPNET - Drive electronics for stepper drives

The Stepnet amplifier is the "brother" of the Xenus and Accelnet drive for stepper applications. The Stepnet is available for 1x 110-240 Vac and also for DC supply (20-75 Vdc). For the DC-version of the Stepnet there are a panel version and also two PCB mount module versions.

The Stepnet can operate as a stand-alone single-axis drive, which is capable of driving and controlling a single axis with the built in indexer functionality. Communication with the Stepnet is possible with ASCII commands via RS232 or programming and storing complete sequences in the Stepnet and starting these sequences with dedicated inputs.

Due to the reason that the Stepnet is 100% software compatible to the Xenus or Accelnet, the digital drives from Copley are perfectly suitable for applications where a mixed combination of servo and stepper motor axis are used.

The Stepnet drives also have a default CAN interface (CANopen, DSP402 profile), which allows them to be used in new opportunities for automation concepts with distributed intelligence (see also: distributed control).

General specification:

  • operation at 110 to 240Vac or 20 to 75Vdc (depending of the model)
  • current range 1.5Arms to 7Arms
  • 4 different models: panel AC version (STX), panel DC version (STP), module for PCB mounting (STM) and micromodule for PCB mounting (STL)
  • efficient control by the use of vector control (info vector control)
  • efficient and fast set-up: CME2 software with integrated oscilloscope, auto-tuning and auto-phasing functionality
  • easy integration in central control systems: Step/direction and/or PWM current/velocity/position command 
  • intelligent control of stepper motors: microstepping, position correction with encoder or real closed-loop mode as high pole count servomotor (with encoder
  • efficient use as a single axis drive: powerful Indexer via RS232 interface (also adressable with I/O)
  • easy integration in distributed control systems: CANopen CANopen (with optional CANopen libraries for C++ (datasheet CML) and CMO objects for LabView and Visual Basic ((datasheet CMO))

Additional accessories:

  • CAN-PCI-Card with two channels (parameter setting over CAN), refer to CAN-accessories 
  • CAN-I/O-processor for PCB-mounting: 8 Inputs for CAN-address-selection, 72 digital I/O, 12 analog inputs, 12 PWM outputs, 2 outputs for status LED, RS232, refer to CAN-accessories

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Stepnet Plus Stepper Drive

Stepnet Plus is the high-end FPGA-based version of the Stepnet stepper motor controllers. The Stepnet Plus controllers offer CANopen or EtherCAT interfaces. Furthermore, the Stepnet Plus controllers are available as 2-axis or 4-axis versions. You find more information here or just click on the menu item "Stepnet Plus" on the right hand side.