Precision rotary tables and stages

The TauDisc ND-s series of direct drive rotary tables from Nikki Denso are compact, have a short axial length and a wide torque range. The rated torques cover 5 to 500Nm. Peak torque up to 1,000Nm. Hollow-shaft (throughbore) up to 68mm. The integrated angle encoder is a high-precision type for 25 or 26 bits of resolution, which enable a high positioning accuracy. The following options for radial and axial runout are available:

 30μm (standard) / 5μm (high precision) / 3μm (ultra high precision)

The rotary tables are cost-effective and suitable for various applications and are an ideal solution for replacing servomotors driving planetary gearboxes.

Typical applications for the high-precision rotary tables:

  • Wafer transfer machine
  • Die cutter
  • Contact and non-contact inspection machine
  • Screen printing machine
  • Index table
  • Food processing
  • Filling machines
  • Capping machines
  • Roll feeder
  • Laser processing machine
  • Laminating machine
  • FPD pasting machine,

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