Torque motors using machine's own bearings <br>(Cartridge DDR Series)

Cartridge DDR is a new dimension of direct drive technology, which combines the advantages of frameless and housed motors. The customer gets a predefined mechanical concept consisting of motor, sensor and housing (like in a housed motor), but there is no bearing (like a kit motor). The result is an extremely easy integration without the risc of mechanical design and sensor integration; at the same time the Cartridge DDR series provides defined and measured performance data; a clever packing concept allows easy installation into the machine. Mechanical redundancy of the bearing system is avoided.

Another advantage is the reduced number of components, which makes handling and purchasing easier.

  • 5 flange sizes: 108, 138, 188, 246 and 350mm
  • Various stack lengths in each size
  • Continuous torque from 4.6 to 510Nm
  • Peak torque 11 tos 1,017Nm
  • Absolute sine encoder with a max. resolution of 2,097,152 counts per revolution
  • High energy permanent magnet material for an optimised magnetical design for high torque density