The AKM motor series is milestone in brushless servo motor design: We offer a motor familiy with excellent dynamic performance due to low inertia, compact design, low cogging and last but not least high flexibility due to a lot of options regarding winding, feedback, flanges (IEC, NEMA, JIS), etc.
In eight flange sizes from 40 to 260mm and several stack lengths in each size a holding torque from 0.18 to 180Nm is available. The torque range of two adjacent sizes overlaps so that it is possible to select between two inertia values to meet optimum match with your application.

Most important properties:

  • 3 phase, permanent magnet brushless servomotors
  • size / pole count: 1+2 = 6-pole, 3 = 8-pole, 4 and bigger = 10-pole
  • high dynamic response
  • nominal torque from 0.2 to 180Nm
  • supply voltages from 75 to 650Vdc (various winding options)
  • integrated 2-pole resolver for sine commutation
  • smooth shaft (no keyway) with threaded hole in the front side
  • IP65 (with or without shaft seal)
  • black powder coated housing for optimum heat dissipation
  • rotatable IP65 feedback and power connector (for AKM1x and AKM2x 0.5m cable and connector)
  • thermal sensor in the winding
  • insulation system designed for operation at 3x480Vac (exception AKM1x: 230Vac)
  • options: high resolution absolute encoder (EnDat, Hiperface, BiSS), ComCoder (digital, incremental encoder with commutation tracks) or Smart Feedback Device (SFD, intelligent Kollmorgen feedback system), connectors, keyway, custom windings, gearbox, brake, etc.

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