OEMs need a scalable control platform to meet a wide range of requirements from complete production lines to small automated devices.

The PCMM motion controller is programmed using the Kollmorgen Automation Suite (KAS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and is plug and play compatible with the broad portfolio of motion control solutions.

By using KAS, the development phase is greatly reduced with a user-friendly programming interface, integrated utilities, configuration screens and one-click simulation.

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Feautres of the PCMM motion controller

Hardware features

  • The processor has a frequenzy of 1.2 GHz, meeting the performance requirements for a wide range of machines
  • Path control of up to 32 axes and coordinated motion of 128 axes
  • Easy connection to host PLCs via Profinet, EthernetIP and Modbus TCP through onboard Ethernet-based fieldbus connections
  • Alphanumeric display for system troubleshooting and quick diagnostics
  • Cycle times of 250 μs
  • Integrated digital inputs/outputs with support for interface expansion via EtherCAT
  • Easy backup/restore of data through removable SD memory card
  • Reduced space requirements in the control cabinet and costs due to compact design

Software features

  • Programmable automation and motion controller according to IEC 61131-3
  • EtherCAT master for powerful drive and device synchronization
  • PipeNetwork™ development environment for visual drive programming
  • Guaranteed performance and stability through integrated real-time operating system (RTOS)
  • Decentralized diagnostics and status monitoring through Integrated Web Server
  • Flawless design for modular machines and flexible manufacturing systems

System integration

  • Smooth integration with Kollmorgen's AKD® servo drives, AKM® rotary servo motors, AKI® HMIs and AKT® fieldbus I/O modules for a comprehensive automation solution
  • Network communication via Profinet, EthernetIP and Modbus TCP as well as Ethernet UDP and HTTP
  • Fast servo tuning and machine optimization through integrated Kollmorgen Workbench®.
  • Simplified network configuration through intuitive EtherCAT configuration tools integrated in KAS IDE

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Contact us today to talk to an experienced MACCON engineer!

Application examples of the PCMM motion controller

PCMM motion controllers from Kollmorgen are versatile and provide a machine solution for different applications and industries. Some application examples are packaging lines, extrusion lines and cutting machines.

Filling and packaging lines

By using different synchronous servo motors with single-cable connection technology from Kollmorgen, the basic programming of a system can be retained - regardless of what is being filled. Also unchanged is the mechanical engineering as well as the installation with only one cable between the AKD servo controller in the control cabinet and the selected motor in the machine. Due to the high degree of standardization, OEMs and operators alike benefit from the homogeneity in the control cabinet and thus the limited effort of spare parts stocking and the time saved in development. A variety of different tasks are covered with a single AKD servo controller.

Extrusion lines

Kollmorgen's servo drives enable clean cuts with linear motor and rotating knife.
The motion control system is widely used in the cosmetics and food industries.
PCMM gives OEMs and operators more options in motion control.
At the control level, the PCMM motion control system aligns the feed, linear unit and knife drive with Automation Suite (KAS) programming capabilities.

Cutting machine

In the brick industry, a servomotor-driven module is integrated for cutting the continuous strand of clay into individual bricks. A characteristic feature of the cutting process is the combination of continuous feeding of the clay strand out of the extruder and discontinuous cutting. Here, the drive principle of the flying saw takes effect - specifically in the form of a thin steel wire, which travels like a harp string synchronously with the web speed from top to bottom through the soft clay column. The cutter is positioned cycle by cycle by a linear axis and synchronized to belt speed. The linear unit is driven by a synchronous servo motor of the AKM series. User-dependent access is provided in the first step to the control system, which is freely programmable in the IEC 61131-3 languages. It is part of the functional scope of the PCMM motion controller. The compact PCMM motion controller takes over the sequence control as well as the motion control of the connected AKD servo controllers with the AKM synchronous servo motors. Due to the high overload capacity of the AKM motors up to five times the rated current, sudden torque fluctuations do not lead to a disruption of the cutting process. Changing force requirements occur regularly in the brick industry because it is a natural product with an unstable consistency that is processed into bricks fully automatically. The PCMM motion controller allows the settings of the cutting unit to be regularly optimized.