Amosin magnetoresistive sensors

The magneto resistive sensors from the AMOSIN ® series of AMO work based on a reluctance design with a 1 or 3mm cycle length. 
This technology for linear and angular position detection uses a highly accurate scale - a photo lithographic structure etched in steel, whose variable reluctance is being gauged by newly developed inductive sensors with integrated evaluation electronics (ASIC).

This new generation of magneto-resistive measuring systems is unique on the market and opens new possibilities of applications, ranging from sophisticated tool or measuring machines to handling systems or special equipment for the metal or electronics industry.

The AMOSIN ® principle can be used as a linear measuring system in several constructive 
forms (open or guided and sealed system) or as an angular measuring system in kit version with hollow shaft (no bearing) -- see brochures.

As purely inductive operating devices AMOSIN ® systems reach high accuracies up to + / - 5μm / m, but are nevertheless extremely robust against environmental influences such as dust, humidity, etc. and have an extremely high shock and vibration resistance.

The high accuracy can be mainly attributed to the production of stable steel measuring tape or measuring tape rings and to the excellent signal quality of the sine wave ( <0.1% harmonic distortion) (as measure of interpolation accuracy achievable within a one signal period ).

The measurement system is composed of non-magnetic parts (neither the scale nor the reading head) and is therefore completely insensitive to any kind of electromagnetic interference, unlike magnetic measurement systems and has no hysteresis.

The systems provide real-time signals, either as 1Vss sine/cosine-signals, or digital signals according RS-422 standard.

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