Our motors are employed in many machine types, particularly when demanding geometries and performance criteria apply:

  • Torque- and Linear motors - for dynamic and accurate positioning
  • Hollow-shaft motors - for cable, ball-screw or workpiece
  • Spindle motors - up to 500.000rpm
  • Outer-rotor motors
  • Linear acutators - voice-coil (1N) to planetery-roller screw (40KN)
  • Transport systems - linear motors (long stator)

Typical machine types:

  • Grinding - motors with very low cogging
  • Honing and whirling - hollow-shaft motors
  • Measuring - torque and linear motors
  • Drums and rollers - inner- and outer rotor motors
  • Printing, foil and paper
  • Extrusion - torque motors with high power
  • Indexing tables - torque motors
  • Pick-and-place - linear motors

We also offer poweful control systems, when a CNC is not sufficient or is simply too expensive. This applies in particular for small 1-4 axis or demanding multi-axis systems (64 axes or more). These motor control and drive systems may be commanded from a master-PLC (e.g. via EtherCAT).

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