Servo amplifiers and motor controllers

For demanding motor control applications with Hi-Rel, wide temperature range or special military requirements we offer four families of motor controllers. All of these families are able to drive 3-phase, brushless motors to high servo-standards at the same time offering high interfacing flexibility both towards the host control and towards the sensor feedback.

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Torque, velocity and position control are available:

  • SWM: the SWM is a low voltage, high current amplifier (12 to 60Vdc, up to 100Arms cont.), which is used mainly in mobile (battery operated) applications; in the meantime the very flexible controller architecture has been used also for higher voltage versions up to 650Vdc for demanding applications
  • ExtrIQ: the ExtrIQ amplifiers from ELMO are modern analog and digital servo drives especially developed for applications under extreme environmental conditions
  • Xenus R-Series: Hi-Rel version of the industrial Xenus series servo controller for up to 240Vac (single or three phase) with analog command and RS-232 for setup and indexer and CANopen interface 
  • Accelnet R-Series: Hi-Rel version of the industrial Accelnet servo controller with DC supply (up to 180Vdc) with analog command and RS-232 for setup and indexer and CANopen interface; optional EtherCAT or MACRO interface available, also module version for PCB mount
  • Bantam R-Series: the Bantam R30 is a new digital torque mode servo amplifier as module version (parameter setting ex factory); +/-10V-current command, six step commutation; 18 to 90Vdc, up to 10A continuous