SilverMax Integrated Servomotors

The SilverMax™ is a fully integrated Hybrid Servo Motor with feedback, a Controller/Indexer, and a Digital Driver in a compact package. All communications and power are accessed through a single 19 pin M16 connector. The interface includes 7 I/O, all of which support both LVTTL and analog signals, and one of which also supports 0 to 10v analog input. A processor back-up power input and a hardware drive enable are also included. Communication via CANopen and RS-485 serial, which may be operated simultaneously. The driver is rated to 6A continuous per phase. The system is designed for use at +12.5 to +48 VDC..

     Model    Rated torque   Rated speed @ 48Vdc   Weight 
           (Nm)            (U/min)    (kg)
  X23C-1           0,50             2500   0,61
  X23C-3           1,20             1000   0,82
  X23C-6           2,11               600   1,35
  X23C-8           2,68               500   1,55

 Please download the datasheet for more details.