The UMAC (Universal Motion and Automation Controller) is a modular Turbo PMAC2 system built with a set of 3U-format Euro cards. The base of the UMAC is the UBUS (Universal Bus) of the backplane. The UBUS is based on the PMAC expansion port, which allows the accessibility of many card extensions.

The UMAC can be equipped with a Turbo PMAC2 or MACRO CPU card, both in 3U format. With the MACRO CPU the UMAC is connected to a PMAC2 Ultralite or and a different UMAC system with the ACC-5E (either fiber optical or copper). The UMAC system is completed with axis and I/O interface cards.

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The UAMC is a robust and integrated motor or machine control system, which integrates the Turbo PMAC2 or MACRO CPU with the interface connectors and power supply in a housed 3U rack. All cards can be changed easily, which simplifies the system set-up ad maintenance.

The Turbo PMAC2 CPU can be connected to a PC/104 computer. This allows a substantial possibility to extend the calculation power and the interfaces.  There are PC/104 computer with reasonable 386 chips or high performance CPUs. Peripheral cards are available for all field bus system, Ethernet, disk drives, PCMCIA etc on a PC/104 base.

For an easier identification most of the UMAC products have the same name like the PMAC system, so an ACC-36P (PMAC) is now an ACC-36E (UMAC) and an ACC-28B (PMAC) is now an ACC-28E (UMAC).