Turbo PMAC

  • modern predictive algorithm (precise acceleration and velocity control) as well as inverse kinematic features for robot applications
  • extremely fast processor and memory options
  • improved firmware functions with simplified and powerful command structure
  • independent communication channels and optional secondary serial port

NEW: Turbo PMAC Clipper

  • 4 or 8 axis (Update Rate 0.1 ms)
  • multitasking for up to 16 motion programs and 64 asynchronous
    PLC programs
  • easy-to-use programming language
  • linear-, circular-, B-spline , hermite spline interpolation
  • real S-curve for shock limiting
  • dynamic multi move lookahead for stable acceleration control
  • coordinate system transformation (translation and rotation, 2D and 3D)
  • cost-effective

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  • for the interpolated control of 2, 4 or 8 motor axis
  • optimal solution for motor drives with analog +/-10V interface
  • "On-board" digital I/Os (5 to 24 Volt, PMAC2 is limited to 5 Volt)
  • dedicated user interface with automatic functions, which are supported directly by the PMAC firmware
  • PMAC(1) supported the STDbus- format as well


  • MACRO is a high speed connection between controller and drive. The data transmission rate with MACRO is 120 megabits per second.
  • MACRO simplifies the complexity of the system wiring. Due to the usage of fiber optical cable the EMC immunity is improved (connections up to 3.000 m are possible). Both servo and I/O information are transmitted in real-time.
  • With MACRO and MACRO compatible single axis drives (for example Servostar SP PowerBlock) or I/O devices distributed control systems can be realized in a optimal way.