Servodrive for 19-inch DIN rack mounting

The TWE-180-09_Plus is a single channel drive controller for 19 Inch DIN rack mounting. It represents a compatible replacement of the obsolete TWE-120-05 with several additional modern features:

  • Digital control of brushed or brushless motors with modern control algorithms.
  • The new TWE-180-09_Plus has been built based on a Copley ACM-180-09, mounted on an adapter card
  • for 19 inch rack mounting.
  • Parameter storage in non-volatile flash memory.
  • Digital RS232 communication interface on the front side to connect a Windows┬« PC for easier
  • commissioning and control loop tuning, automatic phase recognition, and advanced fault analysis.
  • Scope functionality for visualization of internal parameters over time on a connected PC.
  • Modular hardware design: The mounted Copley controller can be easily exchanged on the 19 Inch
  • adapter card without soldering.
  • High quality long life DC-link capacitors on the 19 Inch adapter card.

Please download the datasheet (right hand side) for more details, or, contact us to speak with an electronics engineer about your requirements.