CANopen / EtherCAT C++ Libraries for distributed controllers

EtherCAT and CANopen are international open standards for distributed control structures in drive technology. The main objectives of using distributed intelligence are simplification of cabling, cost reduction and improved diagnostic possibilities.

CANopen aims solely at the structure with distributed intelligence, while EtherCAT can also be used in structures with central control.

Each of the two networks offers specific advantages and we offer a wide range of servo and stepper motor controllers for both networks.

Our partner Copley has also developed the additional software tools CML and CMO for their own amplifiers, which allow easy system programming and also easy migration from CANopen to EtherCAT.

CML (Download Datenblatt CML) is a source code for C++, which can be used to integrate the amplifiers in independent C++ programs.

CMO (Download Datenblatt CMO) are predefined COM objects, which can be integrated e.g. in Visual Basic, .NET, LabView or any other program that supports COM objects.

With these additional tools the programming of complex multi-axis tasks becomes as easy as entering coordinates in a predefined coordinate system.