MACCON is the Zettlex solutions partner for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Zettlex develops and produces a wide range of range of standard and customized sensors to measure position or speed accurately and reliably, even under harsh conditions. Its unique technology and laminar, printed designs, enables Zettlex to manufacture sensors that have no contacts, no bearings, no delicate parts and require zero maintenance. Zettlex rotary sensors carry the name Incoder®.

Zettlex supplies to OEMs and system integrators across a broad range of industrial and military sectors.  Applications include position measurement, servos, motor controls, and user interfaces.  Around 50 per cent of the company’s business is safety-related or safety-critical. The company is ISO 9001 and BS EN 13980 certified for the manufacture of electromagnetic sensors, including sensors for intrinsically safe (ATEX) environments.

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Incoders® are:

  • Absolute and digital (SSI compatible)
  • Accurate and linear, with high resolution
  • Available in kit-form with a center hole, compact
  • Are able to operate with large air-gaps, typically 1mm
  • Robust – suitable for operation over a wide temperature range, -40° to +85°C (storage -55° to +125°C)
  • Ideal for use in demanding environments

Products are available for both rotary and linear position measurement. Click on the corresponding PDF-download on the top right-hand side.