MHG magnetoresistive sensors

The magneto-resistive sensors (MR-Sensor) of the MHG series from Baumer-Huebner work with permanent magnetic tape, with 2 or 5mm cycle length. Mainly they are available as incremental encoders. The much higher flux densities compared to the reluctance principle in the AMOSIN-design allow for larger air-gaps of 1 or 3mm.

The currently available rotary versions are:

  • MHG100: kit encoder from 94 to 1,504 counts per rev. and 100mm OD
  • MHG150: kit encoder from 256 to 2,048 counts per rev.  and 150mm OD
  • MHG400: kit encoder from  94 to 1,504 counts per rev. and 400mm OD

A special application possibility for this technology in the linear version is the so called "long stator”: several measuring heads are successively scanned by one moving, passive measuring bar (only one measuring head must be fully covered at any time during the process). The advantage of this solution is that its length can be user-defined and no electrical connections to the moving part must be maintained.
For this application MACCON has developed a signal analysis process that evaluates up to 3 sensor heads.

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