Ultra high-speed compressors<br>(CT-17-1000 and CT-14-1000 series)

Ultra-high-speed turbo compressors provide outstanding solutions with respect to compactness, low weight and high operating efficiency. Our systems are, in comparison to compressors running at standard speeds, up to a hundred times lighter, smaller and more efficient.

Our compressor product range covers a large range of pressure ratios (from 1.1 to 1.8 in air), pressure differences (from 100 mbar to 700 mbar in air), mass flows (1-55 g/s) and volume flows (50-2500 slpm). The turbo compressor can work with a variety of fluids and used over a range of different inlet conditions. We can provide technical services to calculate the characteristics of your specific application.

The key characteristics of the compressors are as follows:

CT-17-1000 series

  • Rated power without cooling       650W
  • Rated power with cooling           1.000W
  • Rated speed                              280.000 rpm
  • Pressure ratio                            1.7
  • Mass-flow                                  24g/s
  • Isentropic efficiency                   70%
  • Weight                                      600g

CT-14-1000 series

  • Rated power without cooling       1000W
  • Rated speed                              200.000 rpm
  • Pressure ratio                            1.4
  • Mass-flow                                  55g/s
  • Isentropic efficiency                   74%
  • Weight                                      500g

Optimal performance of the compressors occurs when operated together with our converter range.